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Plastic Surgery Blog

How Do I Get Rid Of the Puffy Bags Under My Eyes?

Do people ask you if you’re getting enough sleep because they notice that you have puffy bags under your eyes? It doesn’t matter if you get a good’s night rest, because the reason for your lower eyelid bags is not the amount of sleep you are getting. The cause of dark circles and puffy lower […]

How Soon Do I Need to Know Which Implant Size I Want?

Surgery can be an anxiety-inducing thought for a lot of people. Even elective procedures like a breast augmentation can make some people feel jittery and nervous. Many people often feel that they need to know exactly what size implant they want right away. Our goal is to make sure that you choose an implant that […]

What can you expect when you visit a plastic surgeon?

What can you expect when you visit a plastic surgeon? As a plastic surgeon, I am fortunate to see patients for a variety of different reasons including cosmetic concerns, after pregnancy or weight loss, and for reconstruction after skin/breast cancers. It can often be intimidating to meet a new doctor and I hope to use […]