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Breast Reduction Baton Rouge

A breast reduction in Baton Rouge is an excellent option for women with large breasts who would like to have smaller and shapelier breasts that better complement their natural figure.

Are your breasts a constant source of muscle and joint pain? Do you find it difficult and uncomfortable to jog or run because of your breasts, even if you’re wearing a sports bra? Disproportionately large breasts are more than just an aesthetic issue – they can cause a number of issues that affect your quality of life.

Often women seeking breast reductions have complaints of back and neck pain, rashes under the breasts, shoulder grooving from bra straps, ill-fitting clothing, and social discomfort. Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of the breasts while also enhancing the shape of the breasts and will improve or alleviate these symptoms.

Is a Breast Reduction Right for Me?

During your initial consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jenna Bourgeois, she will perform an evaluation of your overall health, go over your medical history, perform a breast examination, take photographs for your medical record, and discuss the risks and potential complications of breast reduction surgery to make sure you are properly informed on what to expect.

She will also review before and after photos of other patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery. This will help to give you a realistic understanding of the results that are possible through this surgery.

What Patients are Saying

I’ve struggled with large breasts most of my life. I’ve always wanted a reduction, but was hesitant because it was such a large surgery. After my consultation with Dr. Bourgeois I felt reassured and confident a reduction would make my way of life so much better. And it has! Dr. Bourgeois is professional, has a great bedside manor and just the sweetest! Never once did I doubt her capabilities. I feel like a new woman; best decision I ever made. Staff was kind and helpful. The experience, as a whole, was personal. They took the time to get to know me and made me feel valued, and not just another patient. Absolutely great experience and a great team! I’ve already recommended Dr. Jenna, and I will continue to do so!

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What to Expect

Breast reduction surgery is performed in our surgery center or at one of the many local hospitals in Baton Rouge. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in combination with local anesthetics.

The length of the procedure varies from patient to patient depending on how much tissue is being removed. Dr. Bourgeois can provide you with an estimated time after your consultation. Breast reduction surgery rarely requires drains and is performed on an outpatient basis.

There are many different techniques used to accomplish breast reduction surgery. Dr. Bourgeois evaluates each patient’s anatomy to utilize the appropriate technique for the best cosmetic result. It is extremely important to understand that all breast reduction techniques involve visible scars on the breast.

Dr. Bourgeois uses extreme precision and skill when performing breast-reduction surgery to ensure that each patient is provided with the best possible aesthetic results with the least amount of scaring possible. Each of her techniques elevate the position of the nipple and the areola to a more aesthetically pleasing position on the breast. Areola reduction may also take place.

The Recovery Process

While healing after a breast reduction procedure, patients will need to follow the post-surgical care directions of Dr. Bourgeois closely; this will ensure minimized chance of complications. Bruising and swelling will be present and can be controlled with the help of a surgical bra without underwire. Ice packs can also aid in the reduction of these issues.

Patients will need to take time off from work to rest and recover. They must avoid physically taxing activities during recovery, including sports and heavy exercise.

Will My Insurance Cover My Breast Reduction?

At times, the price of breast-reduction surgery may be covered by your health insurance if the issue is causing chronic muscle and joint pain or significantly diminishing the patient’s quality of life. However, different insurance companies have different criteria for determining if you are eligible for coverage. If you would like to see if your insurance will cover the cost of your procedure, our office can submit an inquiry following your initial consultation.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Breast Reduction

You don’t have to let your large breasts be a source of discomfort, pain, or frustration – a breast reduction in Baton Rouge can provide you with the relief you need while also maintaining the beauty of your appearance. Contact Bourgeois Plastic Surgery today to determine which technique may be best for you. Dr. Bourgeois can provide you with compassionate care and amazing personalized results.

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