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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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Breast lift surgery, also known as a mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes and elevates the breasts and restores perkiness. A breast lift in Baton Rouge can improve the symmetry and form of the breasts, giving them a more youthful appearance.

A breast lift can improve the shape and appearance of the breasts, but the breasts are not expanded as a result of the process. However, mastopexy can often be paired with a breast augmentation procedure for size and shape enhancement.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery is ideal for women who have droopy or asymmetrical breasts. Breast lifts are a great technique to reshape your breasts to fit your form if you have excess skin laxity due to dramatic weight fluctuations. They are also ideal for patients who have sagging breasts due to pregnancy, nursing, genetics, or the aging process.

What Happens During a Breast Lift Consultation?

Prepare to discuss your complete medical history with Dr. Bourgeois during your breast lift consultation. It is important to mention any previous surgical procedures, existing medical conditions, and medications or supplements you are taking. Prepare to have your breast size and shape examined, as well as the quality of your skin and the position of your nipples.

Measurements and photographs of your breasts will be taken prior to your breast lift operation for your medical records. Any possible issues that may develop as a result of surgery will be discussed during the appointment. Dr. Bourgeois may order a mammography before surgery, depending on your age and family history.

During the consultation, be prepared to ask any questions you may have regarding breast lift surgery. Dr. Bourgeois will determine the best course of surgery for you and advise you regarding preparation and recovery.

What to Expect During Breast Lift Surgery

The mastopexy procedure will be carried out in an outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia. It typically will not take longer than two hours.

An incision will be made by Dr. Bourgeois. Incision options include the donut incision, the lollipop incision, and the inverted-T incision. The excess tissue will then be surgically removed. The nipples will be repositioned to a higher level to suit the improved contours of the breasts once the extra skin is removed.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Lift Surgery?

After a two-to-three-day healing period, most patients will be instructed to wear a sports bra for a few weeks. It’s normal to feel sore, tight, and swollen in the chest area. These should fade soon if proper healing methods are followed.

Only light exercise is permitted, and for the first four weeks, Dr. Bourgeois recommends sleeping on your back or side during the recovery period. The body will fully recover, and most people will be able to resume their usual routine within one to two months, including returning to intense exercise.

Results to Expect

The breast lift procedure creates immediate results. The shape of your breasts will improve over the next few months. At first, post-surgical marks will appear red and uneven. Post-surgical marks are permanent; however, they will lighten and diminish over time.

A breast lift’s results are long-lasting but not permanent. This is because the elasticity of your skin will diminish as you get older, which can cause sagging, especially if you have naturally large breasts. Sustaining a healthy and consistent weight helps preserve your results.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

Because breast lift surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, health insurance companies do not cover it. At your consultation with Dr. Jenna Bourgeois, you will receive a surgery fee quote. Anesthesia fees, surgical facility costs, pathology (if required), post-surgery garments, and the surgeon’s fee are all included in the total price.

During your initial appointment, we will go over all of the costs and payment choices with you in detail.

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